About Singer Holly Prather

Holly is a reknowned singer in the Cleveland, Ohio area, specializing in performing for residents in senior living facilities, assisted living facilities and VA hospitals, as well as at luncheons and dinners, fashion shows, seasonal gatherings, celebrations and other special events.
Holly entertains her audiences with the music that they love, from the 1890's through the 1970's. Wearing period clothing, Holly's vocal talents, bubbly personality and natural charm have residents clamoring to have her back again and again!

Holly Sings!

Listen to recordings of Holly entertaining her audience!
Accentuate the Positive
Brand New Key
Darcy the Dragon
Dream a Little Dream
Let Me In
To Sir With Love
When You're Smiling

Holly's Background in Singing

Holly singing in a Black Dress
Holly has been a professional performer for over 10 years. In that time, she has learned a very important lesson: it's all about the audience. Her focus is always on the people she is entertaining, and how she will brighten their day. She walks in thinking, "I know they're going to love this, and I'm going to make them feel better by the time I leave!" Unlike many performers, she has a variety of costumes that suit her audience's generation, and wears a different one to each performance to get her audience in the spirit. Paired with a sunny smile and a cheerful disposition, Holly makes sure her audience is having fun!
Holly singing her Christmas show
Next, she sings music that her audience knows from their youth. She knows from experience performing over a thousand shows for residents all over the Cleveland area, that in cases of memory impairment, the strongest memories are the music heard and learned when you're young. That's why she's so popular in memory care facilities, for example. Residents in memory care may not recall recent events, but once Holly starts singing the music of their youth, they become transported and sing every word along with her! Sometimes the residents will share memories from their past, memories brought to life by the songs Holly is singing.
Holly singing in blue dress
Holly loves giving back to her community by working mainly in senior living facilities. She continually sees the positive effect her performances have on the residents. She takes that joy with her and shares it with the next group. She says that it is a reciprocal fountain of joy that she is grateful to create and be a part of. Holly's energetic and often funny interpretations of songs are very popular. She knows how to get her audience involved, and is passionate about singing with them: She knows from research of the tremendous health benefits of singing, especially when singing together in a group.
Holly singing for Veterans
Holly also sings for other groups and occasions, including private parties. She performs for women's and men's groups, VA activities and at the VA hospital, and has entertained during many fundraisers over the years, including benefits held at the Beck Center. Holly loves entertaining whether it's at birthday parties, singing patriotic and WWII era songs for our vets during the week of Veteran's Day and 4th of July, singing love songs for Valentines Day and anniversaries, some Irish songs for St. Patrick's day, creating a Holly Jolly Christmas with a mix of oldies and Christmas favorites, happy hours, and just for the fun of getting people singing for an hour or two at a time.
Young Holly singing
Holly has been singing for as long as she can remember. Singing with church choirs and as a solist, Cantorum and extensive solo performances in high school, and with years of operatic training, she sang as a part of the elite Cleveland Orchestra Youth Chorus. Along with her professional shows, she sings in community theatre musicals and local choirs, and is completely incapable of passing up an opportunity to sing Karaoke! She loves to encourage friends, family and complete strangers to sing along with her. Singing and performing is her life!
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Hatpins and Hemlines

Holly is also the star performer of the musical fashion show Hatpins & Hemlines. View the Hatpins & Hemlines page for more information, pictures and booking details.

Benefits of Singing

Holly at choir rehearsal
What researchers are beginning to discover is that singing is like an infusion of the perfect tranquilizer, the kind that both soothes your nerves and elevates your spirits."
"The elation may come from endorphins, a hormone released by singing, which is associated with feelings of pleasure. Or it might be from oxytocin, another hormone released during singing, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress. Oxytocin also enhances feelings of trust and bonding, which may explain why still more studies have found that singing lessens feelings of depression and loneliness."
"The benefits of singing regularly seem to be cumulative. In one study, singers were found to have lower levels of cortisol, indicating lower stress. A very preliminary investigation suggesting that our heart rates may sync up during group singing could also explain why singing together sometimes feels like a guided group meditation. Study after study has found that singing relieves anxiety and contributes to quality of life."
- Excerpted from Singing Changes Your Brain, Time.com
Embrace Your Singing Voice to Release Endorphins
Six reasons singing is downright good for you:
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Releases stress
  • Benefits your heart
  • Increases your energy
  • Improves your memory
  • Fosters clear thinking through correct breathing

Customer Testimonials

"Holly Prather has been entertaining the residents at Riverview Pointe for over 10 years. I love the large range of music she sings for us, and the different costumes she wears is an extra bonus to her beautiful voice. She always puts a smile on peoples' faces."
- Mary George-Potting
  Activity Director, Riverview Pointe Care Center
"After having my shows well established for eight years, I was fortunate enough to meet Holly as she performed for several area nursing homes, community theater and special events. She was such a breath of fresh air that I approached her with a business proposal of singing in my fashion show entertainment program, and we teamed up. Holly truly enjoys bringing a smile to others through her songs, and her professional yet fun approach. She brings Broadway and live stage atmosphere to you as we travel from show to show."
- Terry Willingham
  Hatpins and Hemlines, Former Activity Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Holly is based in the Cleveland area, specifically Strongsville. She travels throughout the Cleveland area for shows. Generally speaking, any travel beyond 30 minutes will incur additional costs.

Holly also tours to other cities several times a year and will normally book shows in and around those cities during her time there. Interested in having Holly come visit your city? Contact her!
Holly sings music from the 1890's through the 1970's. She has a repertoire of hundreds of songs, and typically will select the music for each show as the show progresses, focusing it primarily to her audience. An audience of WWII veterans might be serenaded with songs from the Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby, while younger audiences might hear Leslie Gore, Patsy Cline or even Janis Joplin!! Holly also comes dressed in costume usually from the 40s-60s eras. It's upbeat and lots of fun!
Absolutely! Holly will regularly do special themed shows for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, July 4th, Veteran's Day, Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion by request. She also performs in Hatpins and Hemlines, a themed musical fashion show. Ask about booking a Hatpins and Hemlines for your facility!
Holly's normal fees are $80 for a one-hour weekday show. Holidays, evenings and weekends are extra, and mileage (over 30 minutes from Strongsville) is also extra. See Holly's Booking Page for more information.
Holly brings all of her own PA equipment. The only thing she needs is an electrical outlet next to where she will be performing. For larger venues or audiences of 50 or more, she will normally bring a larger PA system capable of filling large rooms - make sure you let her know of this requirement when booking.
Holly can perform in just about any size of room - she can perform to a small crowd of ten people in a small room, or to hundreds of people in an auditorium. For larger venues or audiences of 50 or more, she will normally bring a larger PA system capable of filling large rooms - make sure you let her know of this requirement when booking.
Absolutely! Her entire show is all about audience participation! She sings with a wireless microphone and will regularly move amongst her audience, encouraging them to sing, dance, or "chair boogie" with her. The whole purpose is to get the audience singing because it's so healthy for your brain and body. She mixes her songs up to see what her audience responds to. She is enthusiastic and passionate about spreading joy through music. She really loves what she does, and it shows in her performances.
Yes. Obviously her dinner show is much different, with less audience participation and interaction. The musical selection will also differ, to suit the venue and occasion.
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